Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Woodn't It Be Lovely?

Wooden't It Be Lovely?

Hi There!

Have you seen the little trays
of wooden embellishments
by Kaisercraft?  I'm rather
taken by the trays but keep
wondering whatever would I do
with the contents ...............

.............Enter The Craft Barn
Design Team ............... first off
here's Craftyfield with a tag:

"I hate thowing away any of my supplies 
and since I have full sheets of the 
wonderful Imagination Crafts Rice papers
 (have you seen the full range available
 at the Craft Barn?) I decided to use up
 the left overs from other projects 
in this one tag. 

They don't match but no worries, 
that's where sprays come in!

 I selected these pieces which I then 
glued on my gessoed tag with 
gel medium.

 I'm trying out my composition...

I added a bit of metallic shine with 
Imagination Crafts Starlight paint
 in Mint and a stencil.

Whilst I had the paint out I used it to 
colour match a piece of card. 

I also added the paint sparingly 
around the tag.

Now onto sprays to give the various papers 
a cohesive look. 

On the right these are 2 of the new colours 
and on the left one of the first released colour.

For those who are familiar with the 
older Prima Bloom sprays, the new ones 
present several differences:

 the bottle does not come ready mixed with water,
 the clear packaging has disappeared 
and finally
 the spray mechanism is different.

It's too early for me to give a definite
 review of the new spray bottles but at 
first sight they are as good as the previous ones, 
which, in my opinion, were fantastic.

 The spray is much finer and so doesn't 
make the paper so wet as to warp as much.

I used a brush to paint my embellishments, 
wooden flourishes from Kaisercrafts, Life's a beach 
also with the Color Bloom sprays

I kept two of the embellishments bare and 
matted on a roughly gessoed square of 
kraft cardstock. To knock back the white, 
I used Distress Oxide in Faded Jeans."


Thank you Craftyfield - that is a
gorgeous tag

Such a clever idea to use all
those bits we seem to
accumulate because they are
too nice to throw away......
.....actually, they are aren't they?!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Fond Farewell

Fond Farewell

Hi There!

It's the end of the week already!

For any of you as time
 challenged as me I would advise 
a more realistic expectation 
of what we can achieve in a
 week is called for........

Louise Thomson is with us
today to share a leaving card

"I started this project by applying strips
 of random Washi tape on to a piece of 
white card.

I gave it a coating in Nougat
 fresco paint, followed by 
some jade paint.

 I added water and wiped back some 
of the jade fresco paint to keep it
 light and textured.

Using more fresco paints as an ink, 
I stamped the IO clouds stamp.

 The archival ink used here is permanent
 and perfect for stamping over shinier
 surfaces like that of the Washi tape.

 I ended up using three of the four 
colours in the new archival mini set one.

 I wanted a bit more texture so I 
used a set of nesting circle dies 
to create rings

Then on a spare piece of paper I
 stamped the air balloon again,
 cut it out and mounted it using
 lots of 3d foam pads.

Next I used dies to cut out the 
lettering I wanted...

and spritzed with colour bloom
 for a shimmery, textured finish 

 I added the lettering and highlighted it 
using fineliner, then popped a border 
around the edge to finish."


Washi tape
Fresco paints (Nougat and jade)

A lovely card Louise,
many thanks

Entirely appropriate for
us too as we go on to
a new week.....

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday, 21 July 2017

Fond Farewell

Fond Farewell

Hallo Everyone,

Our subject today is the
final farewell and probably
the hardest one to say

Craftyfield is here with
a beautifully simple card

"Bereavement is one of these difficult 
card occasions and it is best 
to be prepared with a ready made card. 

Failing that, this quick and easy CAS 
card should come in handy if you 
need a Sympathy card at short notice.

For subject matters, I err on the side 
of caution and only use flowers, 
these are not times to try out
 the weird, funny or grungy...

I selected this beautiful flower, using
 only the one stem because a single
bloom has a poignancy that a 
(cheerful) bouquet doesn't.

This design will work with pretty much
 any flowers, including all the lovely 
Honeydoo flower stamps.

For a quick card and a CAS design 
dot the cardstock with paints 
and run a palette knife or gift card 
(used up of course!) to spread the paint.

 No need to fuss but I tried to keep 
the surface smooth since I intended
 to stamp on top.

The Fresco paints I used dry quickly and
 do not buckle the card if applied
 sparingly as I did.

 I inked the flower in pink first and 
added some violet towards the 
bottom of the flower. 

With the smaller pads this mixing colours
 on the stamp is a lot easier than with the 
regular Archival pads!

Because the Fresco paints are matt 
there's no need to heat set the inks, 
but to make sure everything is dry 
before handling a quick blast with the 
heat gun is a good idea.

Before sticking to my base card I 
die-cut the cardstock with a simple
 rectangular shape.

As I finished the card, I got commissioned 
to make a tag to for a remembrance,
 which needed to be water resistant, 
since it would be outside (on a flower pot).

 I used the same Archival inks and against 
the white you get a better idea of how 
deep and vibrant the colours are. 

After stamping, I applied gel medium on 
both sides and now my tag will be waterproof.


Thank you Craftyfield
for a beautiful project
and a very handy tip
for waterproofing a

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx